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Join us in celebrating Fat Tuesday a little early at our 4th Annual Mardi Gras Tasting!  Stop into the store on Saturday, February 22nd from 3-6pm where we will be enjoying some homemade jambalaya while serving up a rum-based cocktail inspired by the Voodoo Cocktail and the 100th Anniversary of Prohibition.  Let's cheer to the speakeasies that never let the pastime of cocktail drinking die!



With this past January marking the 100th Anniversary of Prohibition, we wanted to create a cocktail that embodied the celebration of Mardi Gras with Prohibition-Era New Orleans.  A city known for its bright culture, lax drinking laws, and grand celebrations, New Orleans didn’t let Prohibition end the party.  Speakeasies and underground sailor bars kept the drinks flowing down south.  During Prohibition, Bacardi was the rum of choice and out of habit people were mixing it with juices and syrups to mask the flavor, lemon and lime in particular. The Doux-Amer follows that formula. However, it's been modernized and doctored up. The original name here was Voodoo Cocktail.  How much more New Orleans can you get? We cleverly named it Bitter-sweet, but in French to keep it consistent with New Orleans and the French Quarter celebration.