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Tasting: Friday, March 29th from 3-6pm

Calling all foodies! Searching for that perfect wine for all your springtime food pairings?  Look no further.  This Italian white from Cordero di Montezemolo is your answer. 

Cordero di Montezemolo Langhe Arneis 2017
Reg: $20
Club: $16.99

Meaning little rascal in Piemontese, Arneis gets its name from being known as a difficult grape to grow, but when done well is absolutely delicious.  Organically grown, Cordero di Montezemolo Langhe Arneis has depth and character while remaining light and fresh.  Intoxicating aromas of peach, kiwi, and rose petal lead into a palate full of green pear, melon, and hints of anise.  With nice minerality on the crisp finish this wine can be used as an aperitif with antipasti or all the springtime meals you've been waiting all winter to cook up especially vegetable soups, squash dishes, omelets, and seafood medleys.