FOUR ROSES SINGLE BARREL  "Barrel Strength"  WH#SS B#22-1T



Size: 750ML


Appearance: The Four Roses Single Barrel "Barrel Strength" WH#SS B#22-1T showcases a deep amber color in the glass, indicating its rich and mature character.

Nose: On the nose, this bourbon presents a complex bouquet of caramelized sugar, vanilla bean, and toasted oak, followed by enticing notes of baking spices such as cinnamon, nutmeg, and clove. There are also hints of dark chocolate, leather, and a subtle floral aroma that add depth and intrigue.

Palate: Upon tasting, the Four Roses Single Barrel reveals a velvety-smooth texture, coating the palate with flavors of butterscotch, toffee, and maple syrup. The oak influence is prominent, offering layers of charred wood, tobacco, and a touch of black pepper spice. The sweetness is well-balanced by a robust intensity and a warming sensation that persists throughout.

Finish: The finish is long and satisfying, with lingering notes of caramel, oak tannins, and a hint of dried fruit sweetness. As the flavors gradually fade, a delicate smokiness and a touch of leather remain, leaving a lasting impression of complexity and depth.