Cayeya Tequila Blanco

Cayeya Tequila Blanco


Size: 750ML


Nose: clean and fresh, featuring a bouquet of bright, crisp agave notes. There are hints of citrus, primarily lime and grapefruit, along with subtle herbal nuances such as mint and a touch of white pepper. Underlying notes of sweet cooked agave and a whisper of floral tones, like white blossoms, add complexity.

Palate: smooth and silky, revealing the core agave flavor immediately. The taste profile is vibrant, with pronounced citrus elements – lime zest and a hint of orange peel. A gentle sweetness from the cooked agave balances with herbal undertones, including fresh mint and a touch of basil. There's a light peppery spice that adds depth without overwhelming the palate.

Finish: clean and refreshing, with lingering notes of sweet agave and a mild peppery kick. Subtle traces of citrus and herbal elements persist, leaving a pleasant, invigorating aftertaste.